US Postal Service Reduces Waste

The United States Postal Service was recently praised for waste recycling and reduction from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its involvement in the Federal Green Challenge, a program launched to reduce the environmental impact of federal agencies.

Ten post office regions were issued awards for diversion and recycling programs. The offices were: Albany, New York, District; Allentown, Pennsylvania, Airport Branch Post Office; Anchorage, Alaska, Processing and Distribution Center; Connecticut Valley District; Fort Myers, Florida, Processing and Distribution Center;  Honolulu, Hawaii, Processing and Distribution Center; Little Rock, Arkansas, Processing and Distribution Center; Mid-Hudson, New York, Processing and Distribution Center; Northern New Jersey District; and Topeka, Kansas, Material Distribution Center.

In 2012, the postal service increased its recycling rate eighteen percent from the prior year, beating its goal of a five percent increase. The recycling rate for the entire agency was forty eight percent for the year.

The eight hundred and fifty participating postal services locations across the country helping to save more than fifty two million dollars in 2012 by reducing water and energy use and recycling waste materials.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What is your local post office and government offices doing to reduce material waste and increase recycling? Whether it’s recycling bins for paper and cardboard or carefully monitoring how much trash is disposed of weekly, there are plenty of ways to go green and save green!