EPA Recognize St. Louis Sports Team For Reducing Food Waste

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently recognized the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team for their efforts to donate, divert and compost food scraps and organic waste generated throughout Busch Stadium.

The team is also a part of the Food Recovery Challenge program sponsored by the EPA. The Cardinals, along with Delaware North Companies who manages all concession stands in the stadium, have to-date diverted more than twenty seven tons of unused or unpurchased food to Operation Food Search, and organization that helps to feed the poor in the region. As part of the Challenge, the baseball organization also established systems for diverting food scraps and waste, that would be suitable for animal feed or for composting.

In addition to the donation and composting of food waste, the stadium has also succeeded in diverting more than two thousand tons of solid waste from regional landfills. Energy use is down by twenty percent and waster use by ten percent since the stadium first opened in 2006. The organization estimates that the five hundred recycling bins in operation are responsible for the recycling of approximately four tons of waste materials after every game played.

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