EPA Report Waste Recycling Efforts Stay Steady In Florida

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has recently released a state-wide recycling report which shows that for they year 2011, the waste recycling rate for Florida residents and businesses held steady from the prior year.

Since, 2010, Florida has maintained a waste diversion rate of thirty percent or greater. For the 2011 report, twenty three county governments reported a recycling or reuse rate of thirty percent or more or more, and nine county governments reported a forty percent diversion rate or higher. However, Alachua County, located near Gainesville in north central Florida, attained the highest waste recycling and diversion rate with fifty percent for 2011.

State waste and recycling officials believe that increased involvement from the commercial sector could help to boost diversion rates even higher in the years ahead. The state of Florida has a 2020 goal of diverting fifty seven percent of waste on average across all municipalities. Preliminary recycling data for last year, 2012, is expected to be released in July.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Improving the recycling rates for homeowners and residents is an important part of reducing waste that is sent to landfills but it also takes a commitment on the part of businesses too. If recycling or reusing material waste isn’t a part of your business plan, chances are you’re spending too much on garbage collection and dumping fees. Not only can recycling help to preserve the environment of your community but it can also save you money!