More EPA Toxic Waste Violations in PA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently settled a case against a manufacturer of aerosol products in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania for illegal storage of hazardous and toxic waste material at its facility. The company, Spray Products Corporation, agreed to a fine of twenty five thousand dollars.

The infractions were discovered during a routine inspection by regional EPA representatives. Improperly storing hazardous materials is in violation of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act which all businesses, regardless of location, must follow. Toxic wastes stored at the facility included solvents, acetone, and heptanes.

Spray Products was cited for not correctly labeling and managing the record keeping of containers of  hazardous waste; failing to conduct routine inspections of the storage area for toxic materials; neglecting to ensure proper training for employees with responsibilities for handling of the chemical waste; and lack of a required emergency plan.

The business has cooperated with the EPA to resolve the matter, and has agreed to the fine and performance improvement plan in lieu of admitting any wrong-doing.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you work with, sell, or store hazardous or toxic waste material, you can bet your next paycheck that regional EPA representatives will pay a visit to your business to conduct a routine inspection. Instead of incurring fines and negative publicity, be sure you know your federal and state regulations and are following them accordingly!