Major City Looks to Expand Recycling

The city of Chicago is looking to expand recycling services to more than one hundred and thirty residents who do not currently have access to the service. Plans are already being made to distribute the ninety-six gallon blue recycling bins throughout those neighborhoods that up until now, must either take their recyclable materials to drop-off centers or dispose of them with their garbage.

The plan will be rolled out in steps, but to-date, all is on schedule to meet the city’s plan of offering recycling to all six hundred thousand single-family homes and apartment buildings with less than five units by the close of the year.

Prior to the blue buckets, residents had to purchase blue bags to place recycling material in, which they could then leave out along with their garbage for pick up. However, the city ended collection of the bags in 208 due to lack of participation. The use of hard plastic re-usable bins has been shown to increase recycling participation while cutting costs over the long run. The city’s current recycling rate hovers close to six percent, so there is ample room for improvement and trying new strategies.

The plan also includes a public education and outreach component to explain about the importance of recycling, both from an environmental and fiscal savings perspective.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business, employer, or community is embracing a move to increase recycling, make sure a plan is in place to inform all stake-holders and get them involved with the process. You’ll have a better rate of success when everyone knows what is expected of them!