Cleaning Up Garbage Trucks

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently announced that it will help to fund a diesel emissions reduction project sponsored by the waste management office in the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

The project, which will receive funding up to fifty four thousand dollars from the EPA, is part of the Diesel Emission Reduction Act. The award dollars will be used to re-engineer two garbage haulers with the result being reduced emissions in excess of ninety percent. The project and grant money will also be used to maintain the exhaust filters to ensure they are functioning properly.

Reducing emissions from city garbage and sanitation vehicles is a major concern  in both Louisville as well as other municipalities around the country. Updating the trucks, which spend thousands of hours traveling city streets each year, with environmentally beneficial systems will not improve air quality for residents, but will also help to maintain the life of the vehicles.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What is your city or town doing to manage their waste and recycling systems? Are your elected officials aware that the EPA can help fund “greening” projects like this one in Louisville? Being aware of outside funding resources can help to save taxpayer dollars and improve quality of life for all who live and work there!