New Recycling Laws For Landlords

The state of Maryland has a series of new laws and regulations going into effect that will impact anyone owning multi-family houses, condominiums  or apartment buildings in the state. Starting on the first of October in 2014, owners of multi-family residential building with ten or more units must provide recycling services to all of their tenants.

The Department of the Environment for the State of Maryland was instrumental in enacting this policy change and will be notifying all on-site and absentee landlords by letter of the new regulations. This change should not catch any owners by surprise as the policies are part of a Bill that was passed in 2012 which stated that renters in the state must be given the opportunity to recycle glass, paper, plastic, and metals.

The state is letting each county decide on how the law will be enforced within its jurisdiction. Other states with similar laws typical enact a series of warnings and then monetary fines and penalties.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you own or are responsible for managing the upkeep and finances of multi-family properties then recycling waste is a great way to lower your costs for trash disposal. Whether it’s required by law in your state or not, it’s something you should consider offering to help save money and the environment!