Seattle Sets High Waste Reduction Goals

The city of Seattle, Washington is setting some high organic waste recycling goals for its residents and businesses. A plan that is currently under review by city officials would require all residential homes, multi-family apartment buildings and business operating within city limits to recycle and compost all organic waste including food scraps and lawn and yard trimmings. The plan, if approved, would be implemented incrementally until 2016. The plan represents a bold move to strengthen the official Plan for Solid Waste Management that is administered by the city and approved by lawmakers.

In addition, if enacted, the new plan would also require that by 2017, all commercial demolition debris and construction material be recycled or reused and no longer disposed of in regional landfills.

The new solid waste plan has strong support from residents  businesses, and other government agencies. The current recycling rate in the city is slightly over fifty five percent. The plan outlines the following recycling goals:

* Setting a  sixty percent rate for recycling by 2015 and a seventy percent rate by 2022.
* Launching residential organic waste collection by 2014 and multi-family collection by 2015.
* Establish a ban on all businesses sending to landfills waste plastic film and clean wood by 2014.
* Enacting a single-use plastic bag ban for select stores by 2015.
* Creating a composting program for diapers and pet waste by 2020.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: More and more cities and municipalities are embracing strong recycling goals as a way to reduce landfill costs and generate income. These goals impact both residents and businesses. Be aware of and involved in the changes taking place in community and get a jump start on making improvements to your home or workplace’s recycling efforts!