Community Launches New Recycling Program

City officials from the borough of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania have formed a partnership with the textile recycler business, Community Recycling, to launch a new program for community residents and businesses to recycle unwanted textile goods that can be re-used such as shoes, clothes, bags and belts.

Community members will now have access to designated recycling bins throughout the borough to recycle and donate textiles. The collected items will be collected, cleaned, sorted, and distributed to social service agencies and organizations such as homeless shelters, food and clothing pantries, and welfare to work programs serving individuals and families in need.

City administrators from the department of sanitation and environmental protection see the new program as serving two goals. First, is to reduce the amount of waste materials being disposed of in area landfills and second is to help those in need by providing good quality clothes, linens, and shoes.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Textiles represent one of the “greenest” waste materials – they can be reused many times, used to create new textiles and other products, and are needed by all people around the world. If your business is putting textiles in the garbage, you are losing valuable dollars! Consider selling or donating those unwanted shoes, towels, shirts, dresses… you’ll be “going green” and making “green” at the same time!