Dean Foods Reduces Waste Disposal

In the latest corporate and environmental responsibility report from Dean Foods, the Dallas, Texas based food and beverage company has indicated that the business reduced its total amount of solid waste needing to be sent to incinerators and landfills by more than twenty percent between the years of 2009 and 2011.

During the two year monitoring period, the amount of solid waste Dean’s facilities disposed of in regional landfills and incinerators was reduced from almost seventy thousand tons in 2009 to fifty five thousand tons in 2011. Based on the success in reducing its waste output while containing costs, the company has decided to implement a plan to increase its corporate goal of solid waste reduction to fifty percent by the year 2020.

Representatives from Dean also credit the success to enhanced recycling measures. Recycling throughout all facilities increased by over ninety one percent. Whereas close to eight thousand tons of waste was recycled in 2009, by 2011, over fifteen thousand tons of waste was recycled in 2011.5,239 tons during the same period, the company said.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When implementing new waste disposal and waste recycling plans, it’s important to plan well and evaluate your results. Start small, and when you start to see results, you’ll realize you can tackle more ambitious goals.