Arkansas Provides E-waste Grants

The Department of Environmental Quality for the state of Arkansas has awarded out six grants for the recycling of electronics waste totaling close to one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. The recipients included both municipalities as well as businesses and not for profit groups.

The Solid Waste Management District for East Arkansas received seventy five thousand dollar to assist with the construction of a new facility to store equipment and electronics waste collected for recycling from businesses and residents in the six counties served by the district.

Other grant awards went to the Reams Group for acquisition and improvement to equipment used in the collection and dismantling of electronics waste; Solid Waste Management of Pulaski County for upgrading informational signs and brochures and for the improvement of e-waste collection sites; the city of Fayetteville received funds for assisting in the disposal of electronics waste; the Environmental Office of Benton County received funds to assist and improve the collection and disposal of electronics waste from businesses and residents; and the Solid Waste Management of White River District received an award to be used in creating educational materials for businesses and residents on ways to properly dispose of e-waste.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: While the awards might not always be big, there are ways to secure federal, state, and local grants to assist in the funding of recycling programs. If you have an idea for your town, business, or non-profit group, it’s well worth investigating!