Wisconsin Hits Record High Collection of E-Waste

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has recently announced that after three years of launching the state’s comprehensive electronic waste recycling program, residents and businesses have new recycled close to one hundred million pounds of unwanted or outdated computers, televisions, and other electronic appliances.

The state of Wisconsin legally bans all electronic devices from being disposed of in landfills or destroyed through incinerators. As a result of this state-wide policy, a recycling program was created that was funded through electronics manufactures selling their products in the state. In 2012 along, electronics waste collectors processed almost forty  million pounds of waste materials, this equates to almost sever pounds of e-waste per state resident.

With over four hundred e-waste collection points throughout the state, residents and businesses have an inexpensive and convenient way to safely, and legally, dispose of broken or outdated equipment.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Many of the components in electronics equipment are considered hazardous waste, so it makes good environmental sense not to dispose of  unwanted gadgets by throwing them in the trash. In some states, private companies may offer financial incentives for your outdated cell phones and computers, so it pays to search around and see what disposal options are available to you!