Houston Considers A One-Bin Trash Solution

When most people think of recycling, blue and green plastic bins come to mind – as well as having to sort paper, plastics, glass, cardboard into different containers. It’s a task that not everyone enjoys doing and as a result, recycling rates can be lower than what they should be. However, the city of Houston, Texas is looking to change that with a new, “one bin” solution – that looks identical to what was done before recycling enter our daily lives.

Under the new proposal, residents would simply but everything together into one bin – waste and recyclables and the sorting would take place at a designated processing facility. The city’s current recycling rate is a low fourteen percent. On issue is that various neighborhoods in the city have different waste collection and recycling services – with some areas no having any curbside pick-up.

The biggest challenge is ensuring that quality, clean recyclables can be saved when mixed in with general waste and refuse. The city collects almost half a million tons of waste, yard scraps, and recyclables from residents. Of the waste collected, city officials believe that half of it is recyclable and should be diverted from landfills.

To fulfill this plan the city is currently applying for private and federal grants as well as looking for business partners.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: There isn’t one set solution to improving recycling rates in your community. It’s important to look at a variety of options and weight their associated costs and benefits.