Salt Lake City Expands Material Waste Recycling Program

Select neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, Utah will start offering waste recycling for glass as part of the regular curbside collection later this Winter, and the city hope to expand the offering to all residences throughout the city by April, 2013.

Even before the program began, advance communication and press resulted in over twelve hundred residential customers signing up to participate. The new recycling program is expected to divert hundreds of tons of waste glass – bottles, jars, and other objects – from the city’s landfill.

Before launching the new curbside recycling collection program, residents who wanted to recycle their waste glass had to take the material to one of twenty specially marked recycling bins located throughout the city. While some residents did participate in that effort, the total collection of waste glass materials was one thousand seven hundred tons in 2011. With the curbside glass recycling initiative, that number is expected to double within the first year.

All curbside recycling residences will be provided with a 35-gallon bin designed for monthly collection. The service will cost $6 each month and will be added to residents’ water bills.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Is your community doing all it can to fully recycle and re-sell waste materials? Every object that ends up in a landfill is costing citizens money so turn your trash into cash with recycling!