Market Grows For Green Packaging

Wondering where growth is happening in the green products market? The packaging market for green materials was worth nearly one hundred and ten billion dollars in 2011 and is expected to reach one hundred and eighty billion by 2018.

Europe is leading the world market in green packaging, due to the high levels of  regulations throughout the European Union and less available space for landfills. North American businesses are in second place but still significantly below their counterparts across the Atlantic. The surprise may come from green packaging businesses in the Asia Pacific region as countries such as China, India, and Indonesia are expected to experience the fastest growth in the adoption of green packaging in the upcoming years.

A few of the major factors moving individual and business consumers to embrace and demand green packaging include a growing public awareness about energy consumption, carbon emissions,  and waste recycling and reduction goals designed to save on waste disposal costs while helping to protect the environment.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is in waste materials recycling or green packaging, there’s plenty of opportunities to expand in the global market. What are you doing to make some “green” while helping to preserve the environment?