Safe Waste Recycling for Business Electronics

In just a few years it is expected that the average U.S. citizen will own or have access to at least seven computerized electronic devices. These range from cell phones, tablet and handheld computers, GPS devices, as well as traditional desktop and laptop computers. From a business standpoint, most companies are concerned about protecting data while the technology is being used but what happens when it’s time for employees to upgrade their machines? All businesses, large and small, need to have a plan that goes beyond wiping the device of personal and corporate data. A solid plan must also include the safe disposal of the equipment to ensure that donations are properly handled and more importantly, that electronics stay out of the community’s landfill.

Working with an EPA certified electronics waste recycler will help your business to ensure that all data is removed from obsolete machines and that your equipment doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Offering your employees a e-waste recycling day to collect old equipment is a great way to make sure risks are reduced while generating awareness in the importance of environmental conservation.

Most certified recyclers will be able to provide an estimated environmental savings that is generated as a result of the electronics collected. Donating outdated but still functioning equipment to a reputable charity can also help to gain your business positive publicity and good-will. Taking care to address the full life-cycle of your electronic equipment can be a win-win situation for all involved.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Promote waste recycling in your workplace by offering your employees a convenient, economical, and safe way to retire their outdated equipment. It will help to keep the environment, and your data, safe and secure!