Frankenstorm Creates Solid Waste Collection Nightmare

Throughout the Northeast, New York City metro area, and Mid-Atlantic region, Hurricane Sandy, also called “Frankenstorm” for its Halloween appearance is creating wide-spread and chronic problems for┬ámunicipalities’ solid waste collection and waste recycling efforts.

The appearance of a winter snow storm on the heels of the hurricane is certain to continue to impact many communities for at least another week as solid waste and recycling services try to reach homes and businesses through the on-going clean-up and power restoration efforts.

While many communities and waste recycling companies have established plans and policies for handling storm conditions and natural disasters, the strength of Hurricane Sandy and level of destruction caught many by surprise. In coastal New Jersey, one of the areas hardest hit by the storm, the Jersey City Incinerator Authority has placed all garbage and recycling collection on hold until further notice. Similar reductions or temporary eliminations of service have also occurred in Ocean City, Maryland and the New York City metro region.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Does your business have an emergency plan for material waste disposal and recycling for when a natural disaster hits? Simply letting garbage pile-up outside a dumpster while waiting for return of service isn’t always in your business’ best interest. What can you do to reduce your waste output while service is interrupted?