Education About Restaurant Food Waste Recycling

The National Restaurant Association is working with the United States Composting Council to help increase awareness and educate restaurant owners about composting and food waste recycling and diversion.

The initial goal is to enhance and expand the Restaurant Association’s online training program, Conserve Sustainability. The focus of this educational resource is to show owners and managers how environmentally friendly actions can help to save their businesses and employers money.

Both groups believe that expanding educational offerings will increase the total number of restaurants participating in food recovery and waste materials recycling programs, while encouraging the development and growth of local and regional composting businesses.

The two associations realized that by sharing resources they could better promote their complementary missions. Members of both groups can now expect quality training on how to save both their financial and environmental bottom lines while helping to develop local composting opportunities.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Restaurants are a gold mine of waste recycling material that all too often ends up as waste disposal in your garbage dumpster. When you consider composting, recycling, and reuse opportunities, you’ll reduce your disposal fees and save green every week!