Consumers Rewarded for Waste Recycling

Who wouldn’t want an instant reward for waste recycling? Recycling kiosks are becoming more frequent sights in shopping malls and airports and providing consumers and travelers with an easy way to recycle items that are no longer wanted – and in return, possibly receiving cash or store credit.

Remag is the company behind the latest brand of recycling kiosks to become available to the public. Unlike other kiosk vendors that accept cell phones and other e-waste such as computer games, mobile devices, and computers, Remag is focusing on a new recycling sector: magazines and catalogs.

When consumers deposit their recyclables, the kiosk scans the item’s barcode. After accepting the paper, four coupons per item are dispensed to use for products at local grocery stores. Recyclers also have the choice to donate their rewards to charities.

The company is currently test piloting the kiosks through a popular grocery store chain in California. If all goes well, expansion to other chains throughout the country is expected.

Research has established that only one in four magazines are being waste recycled – but with the incentive of receiving store coupons for recycling, Remag hopes to boost that level.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is looking to expand its waste recycling footprint, thinking outside the box is essential! What services are missing in your community or business sector? Is there a way your organization can fill that gap?