Fort Worth Increases Waste Recycling Options

The residents of Forth Worth, Texas, now have increased recycling opportunities in their community. The city did has recently announced that households can now recycle pots, pans, pizza boxes, paper beverage cartons, and juice boxes as part of the regular trash and waste recycling services. The city currently accepts plastics, glass, cans, paper and cardboard in its recycling facility.

For the newly added items, residents are being asked to clean food waste off of boxes and containers so that they are easier to process. For kitchen pans and pots, sorting to determine if the item is aluminum or steel will take place at the recycling facility.

Due to the anticipated influx in recycling, it is expected that the sorting facility will be hiring new employees.  The facility will continue to process materials using manual labor from a conveyor belt, however, if the new recycling initiate is a success, the facility will invest in acquiring new sorting technology to enhance and improve the waste recycling process.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Think recycling can’t improve your business? Think again! Not only can you do your part to protect the environment, but you can add dollars to your bottom line and help to increase employment.