Landfill Waste Provides Power

Beginning in early 2012, a Coca-Cola bottling facility in Georgia started using energy powered by landfill gas to provide most of the businesses energy requirements.

This innovative new waste recycling energy system provides electricity, chilled water, and steam. According to Coco-Cola, it is one of the largest landfill-gas energy installations in the United States.

This energy efficient system assists the company in attaining environmental objectives while also cutting cost associated with the manufacturing process.

The biogas system in Georgia generates a minimum of forty-eight million kilowatt-hours of energy yearly. This is equal to removing the carbon dioxide emissions of six thousand vehicles annually.

As a result of this innovative new system, Coca-Cola has earned a top five spot on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of biggest in-house environmentally friendly power generators.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Energy costs are something that every business incurs  Why not try to find ways to reduce those costs while enhancing the environment? You might save more “green” than you’d expect!