Food Packaging Recycling

A Plastics Recovery Group has been created by the Foodservice Packaging Institute. This is the second such group established to address recycling methods and best practices for  the food-service industry. There are nineteen corporate and industry members and the group is looking to grow.

The group is focused on addressing the issue of food packaging items that are currently not recycled or recovered due to lack of end markets or current infrastructure.  The companies are banding together with the hope of collectively establishing industry change as opposed to each business working independently.

The group would like to establish processes and policies so that consumers can separate their food packaging materials into appropriate recycling or composting streams; municipalities support these materials being collected; and end markets are identified for purchasing the recycled materials.

To enhance the recycling of food-service materials, the group will be working closely with leaders in the waste collection industry and government and creating educational materials to better inform individuals and businesses about the opportunities that are available when food packaging is recycled.

Waste Care Wants You to Remember: Are you involved with food packaging or recycling? The Plastics Recovery Group may be a great way for your business to learn more about this exciting new recycling and revenue saving initiative!