Before You Start Construction or Remodeling

If you are working on a new construction or remodeling project there are a few things to consider while in the planning stages to make the project as environmentally friendly and financially efficient as possible.

1) Develop a list of waste haulers and recycle’s in your area. Your local environmental or solid waste agencies should be able to provide this information.

2) Consider deconstruction as an option. In some areas, specific deconstruction auctions or marketplaces are utilized to resell usable materials.

3) Before purchasing new products check with your local salvage yard. They often offer good condition cabinets, doors, windows, and flooring for greatly reduced prices.

4) Take a look at the ReUse People website. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to salvaging and diverting reusable construction materials and providing them to low-income businesses, individuals, and families. Your unwanted waste stream materials can be used to do good in the world! If this organization isn’t active in your area, Habitat for Humanity is another option.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Taking time to consider what is the best course of action for waste materials from your next construction or renovation project is worth it. Instead of contributing to landfills, your unwanted materials can be sold to generate income or donated to assist those in need!