Greenscape Instead of Landscape

Why should you consider “GreenScaping” the land around your home or business? The green spaces where we live or work are ideal spots to relax and enjoy nature in an easy and affordable way. By taking proper care of these spaces we not only improve our health and quality of life but also the environment.

GreenScaping involves using landscaping practices to enhance the health and appearance of your green space while reducing or eliminating demand for harmful pesticides and water. Switching from landscaping to greenscaping can save you or your business money and labor over time while maintaining a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors.

What are some ways to start?

1) Instead of paying to dispose of yard waste, use it to create mulch and compost to create that you can work back into the soil.
2) Select plants that are native to your area and ideal for your location.
3) Water at effective times.
4) Try natural pest management by attracting butterflies, birds, and other insect predators.

By incorporating greenscaping you will reduce or even eliminate water and chemical use and cut back on your time and labor for maintaining the area. As a result, there will be less chemical run-off into the water supply, more money saved, and increased time to enjoy your outdoor space!

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When you work with nature, instead of against it, your outdoor space will be easier to care for, less expensive to maintain, and better for your family, employees, and wildlife!