Is Your Business Recycling Paper?

Did you know that waste paper contributes to more than twenty-nine percent of all solid waste? When you look at how much waste your business generates each month know that you could reduce that considerably by recycling paper. Paper recycling is typically the easiest of all office waste to implement programs for and for good reasons.Recycling reduces our need for increasing amounts of landfill space and preserves the environment. Many of America’s paper manufacturers already utilize paper collected through recycling programs, and rely on this stream to create new paper products. When trees are cut down carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and this contributes to high levels of greenhouses gasses. Greenhouse gasses have been shown to contribute to climate change, rising sea levels, and radical changes to the environmental landscape.

What are the direct and immediate benefits of recycling paper? When your business recycles over a ton of paper it:

  • Reduces the need for more landfill space
  • Saves thousands of gallons of water
  • Provides power to supply a home for half a year
  • Eliminates greenhouse gases by one MTCE

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Paper recycling is one of the most efficient things your business can do to save money and the environment. Go green and save green!