Businesses Who Reduce Waste Save Money

Businesses of all sectors and sizes have at least one thing in common – they all produce waste! The kinds of waste produced will vary depending on your market. Some businesses may only generate paper and water, while others will have to contend with hazardous materials that require regulated disposal methods. Regardless of the type of waste or the volume, removal costs will be a part of your annual expenditures. This is why waste reduction and recycling is essential.

While many businesses believe in the economic and environmental value of recycling, setting up a process requires time, energy, and planning. The key factor to remember is that every piece of waste that isn’t converted to revenue is costing your business money. Take a look at what’s in your garbage dumpster and see if you can turn lost revenues into an income stream. Also keep in mind that consuming and disposing of less automatically reduces your garbage removal costs. Take a look at what is thrown away and see if certain habits can be changed to produce less trash.

There are many different ways to reduce waste generation. Here are just a few:

  1. Purchase durable, long-lasting goods and materials
  2. Reduce or eliminate raw materials that are not a part of your final product or service
  3. Using toxic or hazardous materials
  4. Cutting back on water and energy use
  5. Using e-mail instead of printing paper copies and using double-sided printing when copies are needed make a big dent in paper waste.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Make waste reduction and recycling a part of your business strategy. You will not only positively impact the environment but your bottom-line as well!