Cut Back Your Food Waste At Home And Work

Whether you’re at home or at work there are many easy ways to reduce the amount of food and meal-related waste you generate. The US Environmental Protection Agency provides many great ideas for individuals and groups to follow to help lessen each person’s environmental impact. How many of these tips do you already follow?

  1. Set up a compost bin or pile for vegetable waste, your garden will love the natural fertilizer!
  2. Pack a lunch box or cooler to take to work or school. You’ll be amazed how many paper and plastic bags you stop using!
  3. When you’re in the cafeteria-line or lunchroom, try to take servings, condiments, and utensils that you know you’ll completely eat and use. Some plastic items like forks, spoons, and knives can be used several times before throwing away.
  4. If you purchase store-bought fountain drinks or coffee, bring your own mug or container – some stores will give you a discount on the price when you bring your own cup!
  5. Grown your own! Whether it’s a home garden, a community plot, or joining a community supported agriculture (CSA) program – buying locally grown produce reduces the carbon-footprint of the food you and your family consume. You’ll also be amazed how fresh and delicious it tastes!

WasteCare Wants You to¬†Remember:¬†When you’re at home, work, or school think about the small changes you can make to reduce the food and meal-time waste you generate – you’ll be surprised how those little actions can add up to something big!