Clean Construction USA

If your business is construction, then Clean Construction USA can help you to operate equipment and vehicles more efficiently. This incentive-based program is part of the National Clean Diesel Campaign, and was developed to assist business owners effectively cut back on diesel emissions.

Diesel exhaust is a serious concern in terms of air quality and public health and large construction site as often a primary contributor. The US Environmental Protection Agency  is enforcing strict new regulations as they pertain to brand new diesel engines, but those standards do not address diesel engines, vehicles, and equipment currently in use. Diesel engines can be functional and productive for upwards of 30 years so there are many in current operation that pose serious pollution and health problems.

The focus of Clean Construction USA is to encourage operators, owners, and contractors contractors of diesel engine construction equipment to:

  • maintain the equipment in a manner to have a clean-running engine,
  • limit idling of the engine,
  • retrofit existing diesel engines with new, clean, technologies,
  • replace inefficient, older equipment,
  • replace older engines with newer ones meeting the current environmental standards.

By working with Clean Construction USA, business owners can receive assistance with determining the best technologies for their sector as well as access to federal and state programs that work to promote more environmentally-friendly construction sites.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Clean air not only improves communities but also the health of your employees. Healthy workers are more efficient workers – so going green can save you “green” as well!