Emissions Calculator for Home or Work

Ever wonder how energy efficient your home or business is? The United State Environmental Protection Agency offers a free emissions calculator to help you determine how environmentally friendly your current practices are and provides suggestions on how to improve.

The calculator is divided into three separate sections designed to give you an estimate of your consumption, what you are doing well, and where you might be able to improve. In the first section, you will input your current bills for oil, gas, electric so as to obtain an accurate read on your home or office’s consumption. Try to use an average dollar amount as often energy consumption will fluctuate between winter and summer depending on your geographical location. Once the calculator has “crunched” your numbers, you’ll can review  steps to help cut-back your emissions, energy consumption, and waste disposal amounts and see the projected associated savings, in both environmental impact and dollars saved.

What are some quick and easy steps you can take right now?

  1. Change 5 lights to Energy Star bulbs.
  2. Purchase Energy Star appliances for your kitchen, break-room, and laundry area.
  3. Regularly cleaning and changing the air filters for your heating and cooling system.
  4. Sealing air leaks – especially if you’re in a building with older, less efficient windows.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Develop a habit of recycling and finding creative ways to expand the natural life-cycle of products.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Reducing emissions and being concerned about the environment is more than simply “doing good deeds” it can also save your business and home budget money every year!