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Easily Crush or Compact Pails, Buckets and Filters


                       PFC-1512 - PAIL AND FILTER CRUSHER

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Crushes Pails, Buckets and Filters in seconds.

Caution: All containers must be unsealed and open when crushing.  This Crusher / Compactor is not designed for crushing items or containers that may shatter (such as glass) and/or contain volatile vapors or emissions.


Pail & Filter Crusher / Compactor - Specifications


44" H  x 22 W" x 21" D  

Air Requirements Minimum 85 psi    -   Maximum 115 psi       -   9 cfm @ 100 psi

Power Cylinder

Air Piston, 3 bellow

Compaction Force

13,000 lbs @ 100 psi

Pail Capacity Pails or buckets up to 15" in height and up to 12" in diameter.
Filter Capacity Filters up to 15" in height and up to 9" in diameter.
Construction All welded structural steel and components that are industrial grade
Total Cycle Time Two Minutes for the containers 15" in height
Easy to Use Just place the container in the chamber and close the door. Automatically retracts after each compaction cycle
Safe Unit will not operate unless door is closed and will stop if door is opened
Liquid Disposal The bottom area is recessed with drain outlet and hose
Weight Approximately 300 lbs with Floor stand - Shipped Common Carrier


Safety - Unit cannot operate unless door is shut and will automatically stop when door is opened
Easy to Use - As simple as opening the door
Minimal Air Compressor requirements
Can easily handle liquids
Gallon cans are crushed in less than 30 seconds
5 Gallon Pails are crushed in approximately 1 minute
Crushes automotive oil filters and light truck oil filters
Greatly reduces the cost of disposal by as much as 75% versus non-crushed pails & filters
Paybacks can be very quick for businesses that discard larger volumes of pails and buckets


Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.


Note: Dimensions may be rounded (and unless indicated) do not include any recommended 'perimeter buffer'.