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PortaPack Compactors - Container Ready
Reference Guide

(Ready for use with existing Trash Bins, Drums & Boxes)

Use Existing Containers to Compact your trash!



Models PA-55-6 & PA-55-8

Compact into existing Drums


Models PA-200-8

Compact into existing Boxes

The PortaPack Container Ready Compactors are ideal for:

Note: Unless proper internal procedures are followed, and the user / company has proper controls in place, it is not recommended that hazardous wastes of any kind be compacted.

The PortaPack Compactors are not only useful for a variety of applications but they are also an excellent choice for low budgets. Either compact the contents of a 1 cubic yard container box (roughly 36" x 36" x 36"); a 55 gallon drum or a standard wheeled trash bin (96 Gallon).  Simply position the compactor head over the applicable container and you are ready to compact. The versatility of the PortaPack Compactors makes them a must for almost every type of operation, especially those that already use drums, boxes and wheeled trash bins (96 gallon) for waste discards. Compaction ratios (or reduction ratios) of up to 8 to 1 can be achieved depending upon trash profile.   

Many Benefits

Aside from the obvious benefits of greatly reducing waste disposal and hazardous material costs (by up to 50 - 75%) these compactors can also help reduce material handling costs and clutter.

Operation is Simple, Convenient and Safe

The PortaPack Compactors are very simple, convenient and safe to operate. After placing the compaction head over an appropriate drum, box or trash bin, all it takes is a push of a button.  Depending on preferences, the units can be powered either by Air or Electric / Hydraulic. When powered pneumatically, a basic Compressor with just a 20 gallon tank and 5 HP motor producing roughly 80 - 100 PSI is all that is required to generate the proper force for compaction. (These compressors are sold at all major outlets such as Home Depot and Lowes etc). And, depending upon preferences, there is a wide range of features, such as Two Hand, No Tie Down Actuators and spark resistant compaction plates.

Superior Design

These low budget compaction systems are equipped with many standard features that make it a must for a variety of compacting needs.

Container Ready Compactors - Specifications

Container Capacity Using Boxes - Approx 200 Gal - 1 Cubic Yd or about 27 Cu Ft

Using Drums - About 55 Gal - .27 Cubic Yds or about 7 Cu ft

Compacted Trash Volume Using Boxes - Roughly 5 - 6 Cubic Yards

Using Drums - Roughly 1.35 - 1.75 Cubic Yards

Reduction Ratio Up to 8 to 1
Downward Pressure Up to 6,000 lbs of force
Cylinder Size Up to 8" Depending upon Model
Stroke Up to 27" Depending upon Model