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Use your Existing Box Containers (UN Specs etc) to Compact your waste!

Compactor - Box Ready


                         PA-200-8 - BOX READY PORTAPACKERS

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Note: Unless proper internal procedures are followed, and the user / company has proper controls in place, it is not recommended that hazardous wastes of any kind be compacted.

The PortaPack Box-Ready Compactors are easy to use. Boxes measuring roughly 36" x 36" x 36" are ideal including hazardous box containers (UN Rating). Just position the air driven compactor system (including the compaction plate) over the box and you are ready to compact at the press of a button. Depending upon trash profile, reduction ratios of up to 8 to 1 can be achieved.   

Operation is Simple, Convenient and Safe and they are easily portable and mobile.

A basic Compressor with just a 20 gallon tank and 5 HP motor producing roughly 80 - 100 PSI is all that is required to generate the proper force for compaction. (Compressors such as those sold at all major outlets such as Home Depot and Lowes etc). All Box Ready systems have Two Hand, No Tie Down Actuators, spark resistant compaction plates and the units meet O.S.H.A Requirements.



Wheels Add-on - Pneumatic Side Mounted Wheels

Compressor - A 20 Gallon, 5 HP Compressor (generating roughly 80 - 100 PSI) is all that is required for operating this compaction system.




Container Capacity 1 Cubic Yard or about 27 Cubic Feet
Trash Volume Roughly 5 - 6 Cubic Yards
Reduction Ratio Up to 8 to 1
Downward Pressure Up to 6,000 lbs of force
Cylinder Size 8"
Stroke 27"



Height (As small as): 83" (6.91')
Depth (As small as): 48"
Width (As small as) 48" 
Shipping Weight  Approx 300 lbs