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Front Load or Rear Load Steel Containers are used to collect the compacted trash

Indoor Hopper Compactor 

Indoor Hopper Compactor with Container 


                         HC-330 - INDOOR HOPPER COMPACTOR

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The Hopper Compactors are typically for indoor operation (at Street Level) near an outside wall in close proximity to where haulers can make their container tips.  They can be loaded from the top, one side or both sides.

These compactors are great for trash rooms, especially those behind the walls of busy hallways (such as college residence halls) where the compactor can sit behind a wall with an access door that students can throw their trash into from the hallway (while being isolated from the compactor itself).

This Hopper Compactor works in conjunction with Front Load or Rear Load Steel Containers that are tipped onsite by Haulers. The Heavy Duty Steel Containers are on large casters for easy transport to the hauler tipping area. These Compactors are great for many applications, especially applications where ceiling height is limited. This includes Apartments, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Nursing Homes and more.  

When the steel container becomes full, it is simply wheeled to the hauler tipping area for pick-up. Depending upon trash volume, it is oftentimes useful to have one or more extra containers that can be used with the compactor (while the full containers are awaiting pick-up by the hauler).

The Hopper Compactors are also designed with safety and user friendliness in mind.

Refer to Indoor Compactor Benefits for other advantages.


(Other options may be available)

Extra Containers (either Front Load or Rear Load)
Photo-Eye 3 Position Switch

Remote Control
80% or 100% Full Light

Single or Dual Side Doors

Oil Heater

Door Auto Start

Pressure Gauge

Oil Level Switch

Lock Valve

Hopper Cover


Hopper Compactor with Steel Container Specifications - Item HC-330
 Charge Size   1/3 (.33) Cubic Yards 
 Motor   3 HP TEFC 
 Electric Power  3 PH - 208 / 230 / 460 amp / 1PH  1HP 110/220
 Pump   2 Stage 5 GPM - (3 PH) or 3 GPM 1HP (1 PH) 
 Hydraulic Tank   13 Gallons
 Cylinder Size 2 - Diagonal: 2'5" x 20" , 1.375" Rod  
 Packing Pressure   15450 Normal / 17540 Max PSI  
 Ram Face Pressure   31.3 Normal  / 35.4 Max PSI  
 System Pressure 1850 Normal / 2100 Max PSI
 Ram Penetration 6"
 Cycle Time  18 Seconds 3 HP -   29 Seconds  1 HP
Construction (Plate Size)  Floor & Top: 3/8";  Sides & Ram Face: 1/4"
 Clear Top Opening   22.5" x 28" x 24" Deep
 Loading Height  42"
 Compactor Dimensions (inches) H: 74";  W: 48"; L  41" (excluding container)
 Container Dimensions (inches) H: 48";  W: 40"; L: 83"  
 *Overall (Compactor + Container) H: 74";  W: 48"; L: 136"
 Square Footage Footprint (excludes any extra Buffer) 42 Sq Ft
 Actual Weight  (Compactor + Container)  1,500 Lbs.
 *Does not include the recommended buffer for normal operation and service.



Hopper Compactor - Layout Example (Extra Container can be stored in another area)

Trash Chute Compactor Room - Layout Example