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Commercial Trash Compactors Offer Quick Paybacks

In addition to the Quick Investment Returns, Commercial Compactors can help:

Improve Labor Efficiency

Increase Productivity

Improve Security

Improve Sanitation

Improve Image

Improve Employee Morale

Improve Customer Experience

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  • Reduces dumpster pickups many times by 50%
  • Can easily eliminate dumpster overflows
  • Compacted trash is containerized and can reduce vermin & rodents around dumpsters and within the establishment


Owner/Operators benefit...

  • Save up to 75% on labor
  • Save up to 50% on Waste Hauling
  • Save up to 30% on trash liners
  • Reduces chance of employee theft
  • Improves employee morale
  • Creates a cleaner more sanitary environment for employees and customers
  • Frees up space in your establishment. Fits well in most utility rooms so the compactor can be conveniently located and easily accessible by employees.

Employees LOVE Compactors!...

  • Employees tend to other important responsibilities other than trash tasks
  • No longer have to touch unsanitary trash & leaking trash bags are usually eliminated
  • Employees like the 'no-handling' system of trash removal via the use of a handcart for transporting.

Patrons benefit...

  • No longer have to witness the trash being taken out constantly
  • Usually eliminates leaks, spills and trash overflows in areas where customers may be exposed
  • Employees focus on other responsibilities rather than trash
  • Creates a cleaner, more presentable environment

Improve Labor Efficiency
Increase Productivity
Compactors Improve Security

Compactors (Mobile models) are usually emptied only 1 time for every 15 to 20 times required for conventional collection methods.  Empty indoor compactors during off-peak times to improve employee efficiency. 

Improve Sanitation and Enhance Image

Compacted trash is neat and containerized and not easily recognizable as trash by close-by patrons.  Trash is accumulated inside a solid container which is not usually associated with the "look of trash" as you are transporting it for removal from your facility.   Containerized, compacted waste is clean and neat.  Waste spills and overflows are reduced or eliminated inside the establishment and also around dumpsters.  Keeping trash compacted and contained reduces vermin and rodents inside the facility and around dumpsters.  Employees and customers experience a much cleaner and more sanitary environment.

Incredible Savings & Payback

Waste Hauling Savings

Loose, non-compacted trash occupies up to 20 times more dumpster space than compacted waste.   Waste hauling costs are reduced by fewer and/or smaller dumpsters, and many times dumpster pickups can be reduced by 50%.

Labor Savings

Time-consuming and distracting employee trips to the dumpster are dramatically reduced when trash is compacted.  Compacting as close as possible to the source of generation produces incredible benefits.   Trips to take out the trash are dramatically reduced!  The capacity of up to 15 or 20 (according to the size of indoor compactor and the contents of your waste) of the 55-gallon size bags of trash can be deposited before the compactor is emptied.  Labor requirements are substantially reduced and employees can tend to other important responsibilities versus trash removal!

Bag Usage Reduction

Replace the use of up 20 trash liners with only one heavy duty poly bag used with compacted trash.  Substantial savings can be realized. And, you also have the option of not using trash bags.

Return on Investment

Considering labor and waste hauling savings alone, paybacks can be immediate.   Other savings include 1) tax write-offs, 2) reduced pilferage, 3) cooling/heating savings, 4) labor wage increases and savings associated, 5) indirect labor cost savings including employee benefits, 6) inflation, 7) improved security, 8) increase in employee morale due to a better, cleaner work environment, 9) recycling capabilities, etc.

Be prepared for surprise health inspections
(or other regulatory inspections)!

No more trash piling up in the kitchen or in your utility rooms
waiting to be taken out!

Trash is kept containerized, clean, neat and much more sanitary!


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