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BIN compactors
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Continuous Feed Compactors for Indoors or Outdoors

(6 Models Available)

Compactor - Bin Portable

Compactor - Bin Portable Compactor - Bin Portable

4 Models that Produce Palletized Bagged Trash (using large 4' x 4' x 4' Polybags)

Standard Compactor   (CB-4900)
Plastics Compactor   (CB-4925P)
  Marine Compactor    (CB-4920M)
Explosion Proof Compactor   (CB-4915E)

2 Models that use Steel Containers (on casters) for collecting the compacted Trash

Front Load Container Compactor  (CB-2900F)
Rear Load Container Compactor (CB-2900R)

Note: If the Bin Compactors are placed Outdoors, Our 'Compactors Preliminary Consideration Checklist' may be helpful

The Bin Compactors were designed for a variety of applications. All Models of the Bin Compactors are portable and can be placed indoors or outdoors. These Compactors can be operated either using a large poly bag (46" x 46" x 40") to collect the trash, or a portable metal 'front load' or 'rear load' container that can be wheeled to a convenient location for hauler tipping.  When the 'front load / rear load container' approach is utilized, an extra container can be purchased (for placing in the compactor while the full container is awaiting pick-up). When bags are utilized, the compactors are designed so that the weight of the (completed) compacted cube of trash is sitting on a pallet that can easily be transported to a truck or dumpster area using a forklift or pallet jack. The bags are protected from puncture by a metal shield mechanism that descends down into the compactors before the crushing process is activated. Generally, the best use of the Bin Compactors comes from having them positioned so that they serve as an easy access point for employees in high volume waste disposal areas (such as a production line, processing area or workstation).  In addition to the typical manual feed, waste or recyclables can also be fed into the  Bin Compactors using a conveyor belt, air handling system or through a chute.  Not only do the Bin Compactors substantially reduce waste processing costs, but they can also help eliminate vermin, control odors, as well as control leakage associated with wet waste. 

Operation is Simple and Safe Compactor - Bin Portable

The Bin Compactors are simple and safe. After placing either the heavy duty bag or front load container in the compactors and closing the door, all it takes is a push of a button. If the lockable front door is open, the machine will not operate.  In addition, there are many other built-in safety features such as an emergency stop button (lockable), motor overload protection, interlocked access doors (fail safe), water resistance to pressure hose down and Mains isolator lockable.

Superior Design

These compactors are equipped with many standard features that make them a very durable workhorse that can adapt to a wide range of applications. In addition to the standard features there are several options for more specific needs.