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                         CB-4925P - PLASTICS COMPACTOR

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The CB-4925P Plastics Compactors has unique features for handling plastics. This includes a heating component that is automatically controlled which warms the plastic waste material to a temperature that increases the compaction benefits, but does not compromise the integrity of the plastic so that it can be recycled. And, the Plastics Compactor can be continuously fed, and thus easily adaptable for plastics to be continuously conveyed, dumped or blown into them as a means of further streamlining waste processing routines. 

And, just like the other CB-4900 series of Bin Compactors, with the CB-4925P Plastics Compactors, when the compactor signals full, the weight of the compacted cube of bagged plastics is sitting on a pallet that can easily be transported using a forklift or pallet jack. The trash placed into the CB-4925P is compacted and contained within a heavy duty polybag that measures 46" x 46" x 40". Polybags used in the CB-4925P  are protected from puncture (by a metal shield mechanism that descends down into the compactor before each interim crushing process is activated).  These Plastics  Compactors hold roughly 2 yards of loose trash and about 12 yards of compacted trash.

Easy to Operate 

The CB-4925P Plastics Compactors are also simple to operate. After placing the heavy duty bag in the compactor and closing the door, all it takes is a push of a button.

Safe to Operate 

The CB-4925P Plastics Compactors have many built-in safety features such as the machine not operating if the locking door is open, emergency stop button, motor overload protection and the option to keep the loading door locked while the compactor is in operation.

Note: When using  CB-4925P Plastics Compactors Outdoors, Our 'Compactor Preliminary Consideration Checklist' may be helpful


 CB-4925-P Compactors - Options:

Plastic Compactor Option
 CB-4925P - Loading Door Safety Switch

When installed, the loading door safety switch prevents the Plastics Compactor from operating when the loading (upper) door is open. (This added safety feature may not be necessary in many applications.)
Plastic Compactor Option
 CB-4925P Auto-Restart Kit

With the Auto-Restart Kit your facility is able to set the intervals in which the Plastics Compactor operates and rests throughout the day. This can help reduce the overall run time and extend the life of the compactor.
Plastic Compactor Option

CB-4925P Compactor Hood.

Designed to attach to the top of the Plastics Compactor, the hood serves as a cover for either exterior use or to trap dust within a shop, factory or warehouse.


 CB-4925P Plastics Compactor Specifications

Container Capacity 1.81 Cubic Yards or about 49 Cu Ft
Trash Volume Roughly 12 Cubic Yards
Reduction Ratio Approximately 6 to 1
Downward Pressure Max = 600 lbs - Min = 176 lbs
Torque 4,400 lbs at drum face
Compacted Weight Compacted Bags - 500 - 550 lbs
Electric Power 5 HP Motor
208 / 230 - 3 Phase - 14 Amps
440 / 480 - 3 Phase - 7 Amps
24 V A.C. Control Circuit Voltage


 CB-4925P Compactor Dimensions

Loading Door Height  58"
Static Height: 87" (7.25')
Operating Height 124" (10.33')
Static Depth: 62"
Operating Depth: 86" 
Overall Width 52" 
Shipping Weight  Approx 3,000 lbs

Plastics Compactors -  CB-4925P Diagram

Plastic Compactor Diagram