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Small Portable Balers

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36" Vertical Stockroom Baler - (36-SRB)

36 Inch Stockroom Baler Comparison Bale Size 36" x 24"x up to 30"

Bale Materials & Weight Examples
('Up to' wt. in lbs.)

Bale Volume 15 Cubic Feet

Corrugated Cardboard - Up to 250 lbs

Shrink Wrap - Up to 230 lbs.

Office Waste Paper - Up to 250 lbs

Cycle Time 43 seconds
Cylinder 3"  Bore, 30" Stroke
Pressure Ram Pressure: 10,250 lbs
Electrical / Motor 2 HP
Main Pump(s) / Oil 5 Gal
Overall Dimensions Height: 95" - Width: 54" - Depth (Door Open): 68"  (26 Sq Ft)




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