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Waste Recycling Equipment - Material Bale Weights

By Material, Bale Weights and Equipment utilized
(Per Cubic Feet which can easily be converted to Cubic Yds by dividing Cubic Ft by 27)

Charts include Bale Size Dimensions and Cubic Feet)

Select the waste material below to see the Products most often recommended for the respective materials

Corrugated Cardboard

Newsprint Magazines

PET (Plastic Soda / Water Bottles)

Plastic Film, Stretch Wrap, Shrink Wrap

Aluminum Cans

Steel Cans

Clothes - Textiles

HDPE (jugs and detergent containers)

Carpet and Carpet Salvage

Food Cans


Fluorescent Bulbs

Glass Bottle Bottles

Extrusions (less than .120")

Wire (copper) less than 1" diameter

Cable (aluminum) less than 1" diameter

Tubing (aluminum) less than .120"

Tin Cans

Aluminum Siding

Mixed Trash - Public Areas, Dining Areas Food Prep and Food Contact Waste

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