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72" Economy Cardboard Baler

A Great 72" Vertical Cardboard Baler (& Plastic Wrap) for Low Budgets

Large Economy Cardboard and Stretch Wrap Baler - Vertical 72 Inch

72" Economy Cardboard Baler

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                      72-ECB - 72" ECONOMY CARDBOARD BALER

                               (Will also do Shrink Wrap / Plastic Wrap)


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The 72" Economy Cardboard Baler is a dependable low Cost Baler designed for Corrugated Cardboard and Plastic Wrap.

The baler is loaded with user friendly features, including a self-install design for easy set-up. 

Ideal for:

  • Department Stores & Retailers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Government Facilities
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges
  • Many other applications for Industrial / Commercial Use

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72" Low Cost Economy Cardboard Baler
Performance Information

Bale Size                72-ECB -BS

72” x  30” x  48”

Bale Volume          72-ECB -BV

60 Cubic Feet

Cycle Time             72-ECB -CT

48 Seconds (No Load)

Estimated Bale Weights


Bale Weight

Density Lbs/Cu Ft – Loose/Baled

Bales / Hr

OCC – Cardboard

Up to 1000 Lbs

2.5 / 18

Up to 1.5

Plastic Wrap / Shrink Wrap

Up to 750 Lbs

2.5 / 13

Up to 1.5

Note: Performance Rates, Bale Weights, and Bale Densities are subject to many factors such as Material Pre-Bale Densities, Feed rates, Moisture Content and other variables.
Recommended Wire is 14 Gauge, 14' Length.


72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Hydraulics   

Pump - GPM                               72-ECB -MP


Hydraulic Tank Capacity          72-ECB -HT 22

System Pressure (PSI)            72-ECB -SP

2200 Maximum  / 2000 Normal 

Main Cylinder                             72-ECB -MC

6” Bore - 3.5 Rod  - 48" Stroke

Ram Face Pressure                 72-ECB -FP

34 PSI

Overall Platen Force                 72-ECB -PF

62,202 Maximum lbs. / 56,548 lbs. Normal

72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Electrical

Main Motor                                  72-ECB -HP

10 HP  -  208 / 230 / 480v – 3 Phase

Enclosure                                   72-ECB -EN

NEMA 12 - Rated

Controls                                      72-ECB -CL

ETL Listed

Motor Type                                  72-ECB -MT

TEFC High Efficiency


72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Dimensions & Structural

Height                                            72-ECB -H


Width                                              72-ECB -W


Depth                                             72-ECB -D


Depth (Door Open)                     72-ECB -DO


Feed Opening                              72-ECB -FO

25” x 70”  

Weight                                           72-ECB -WT

Approximately 5,000 lbs


Other Features of the 72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler


ETL Listed (see Electrical chart above)

72-ECB Product meets or exceeds all ANSI Z245.5 and OSHA standards.
72-ECB NEMA 12
72-ECB Bale Height Adjustable
72-ECB Safety Interlock Circuit on Bale Door & Safety Gate
72-ECB Counterbalanced Feed Door for Easy Open
72-ECB 4 Bale Tie Slots
72-ECB Full Bale Switch

Soft Shift, Low Shock Hydraulic Circuit

72-ECB Semi-Automatic Bale Ejection System
72-ECB Easy Installation


Optional Items of the 72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler


Special Electrical / Single Phase Power

72-ECB-02 Slotted Door (Best use is shredded material in which bale can be tied off before opening door)
72-ECB-03 Full Bale Light   (Otherwise just two arrows for up and down of platen)
72-ECB-04 Front Feed Chute
72-ECB-05 Rear Feed Opening / Front Eject
72-ECB-06 Rotary Disconnect  (For very strict electrical requirements versus standard fused disconnect)
72-ECB-07 Oil Heater
72-ECB-08 Floppy Dogs (Used mostly on balers that are used for foam rubber or carpet pad type material)
72-ECB-09 Weather Cover
72-ECB-10 Wire Guide System (Allows for front bale tie off)
72-ECB-11 Lovejoy Coupling  (Makes it easier to replace pump or motor vs having to replace both if one fails)
72-ECB-12 Special Paint
72-ECB-20 Rear Feed Chute Package - Makes Baler Conveyor Ready (Rear Clamshell with Photo-Eye)
72-ECB-21 Rear Feed Chute Package with Conveyor  (Rear Clamshell with Photo-Eye and Conveyor)


72" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler Diagram

72" Econony Cardboard Baler Diagram