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With Optional Spill Tray

This baler comes with a spiked compaction plate that punctures plastic jugs and bottles, releasing liquids and air within them so that optimal compaction can be achieved.   Liquids can be collected into an optional and convenient spill tray.  The small bales that this plastic jug and bottle baler produces are easy to handle, stack and transport.  Start recycling your plastic jugs and plastic bottles today for maximum return on your investment.




Plastic Jug Baler

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                       PJL-2825 - BALER FOR PLASTIC JUGS & BOTTLES


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The Plastic Jug & Bottle Baler is an excellent choice for producing compact bales of plastic jugs and PET bottles. And, it is very simple and easy to operate.

Quick overview about Balers for Plastics  



  • Operation is simple and easy, much like 'push-button style' commercial indoor compactors
  • Spiked compaction plate for puncturing the jugs and bottles; thus improving volume reduction
  • Spill Tray Drainage Reservoir for catching liquid residues that have been forced out in the compaction process.
  • Customized and unique chamber access door for loading the jugs and/or plastic bottles
  • No preliminary steps or preconditioning of the jugs or PET bottles
  • Smaller bale size produces tighter bales that are easier to handle  
  • Hand Cart included for Plastics Bale removal and handling
  • Male Pipe Coupler attached to Drain Tray for hose attachment 
  • Safety Standards - ETL Listed


Average rate of almost 200 jugs (5 Liter) per bale in about 20 minutes or produce PET Plastic bale weights of up to 80 pounds (average of 60 lbs - 70 lbs)

Plastic Jug Baler Loading Door  Bale of Plastic Jugs

The above shows the Loading Door which is located at the very top of the baler. It is basically a small access door that is located within the upper swinging door. The refrigerator style swinging doors that are provided with this baler help with making the overall operation and baling process easy, simple and user friendly.

This illustrated bale above consists of approximately 200 jugs. The bale was formed in about 20 minutes which included draining of the liquids. The finished bale weighs up to 100 lbs and has a bale size that is (up to) 35" H x 27” W x x 19.5” D. The liquid that is captured in the drainage reservoir at the bottom of the baler can be connected to a hose that runs to a nearby floor drain or is pumped to containers for transport.



Plastic Jug & Bottle Baler - General Information

Bale Size Up to 35" H x 27.5" W x 27" D
Bale Weights  - Plastic Jugs up to 100 pounds
Bale Weights  - Plastic Bottles up to 80 pounds (Average of 60 - 70 lbs)
Compaction Force 7,000 Pounds
Cycle Time 35 Seconds
Cylinder 2.5"  Bore  - 40" Stroke
Motor 2 HP
Electrical Power Single Phase    220 v   15 amp


Plastic Jug & Bottle Baler - Dimensions & Weight
Larger Loading Door - Feed Size 27.5" x  25"
Upper Jug Loading / Access Door 16" x 10"
Overall Operating Height 103"
Depth 27"
Depth with doors open 68"
Width 41"
Width with doors open 66"
Footprint (Depth with Door Open) 20 Sq Ft (Does not include buffer)
Actual Weight (Approx) 700 Pounds
Options Optional Spill Tray Drainage Reservoir  & 3 Phase Electrical