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WasteCare Corporation

When trying to make decisions related to the sale of your salvage (discarded) products or waste materials, let WasteCare help you.  In addition to waste materials, WasteCare can also help with closeouts, discontinued items, liquidations, overstocks, returns, and similar circumstances.  WasteCare will either purchase these products and materials from you or help you find a buyer.

Whether you are looking for a one time buyer or a continuous buyer, WasteCare can help.  We can also help you locate a source or seller for these same situations (which could sometimes be WasteCare Corporation).  Our objective is to simplify this process and these transactions for you and we offer nationwide coverage. 

If you are interested in Salvage Caare services, please select 'this link Quick Form  which is also at the top of any web page and then complete the contact information on the form and be sure to use the comment box to include some detailed backgroud information regarding the salvage items and/or materials that you are needing help with and any associated compensation ranges you are seeking.  As soon as we have a good grasp of your situation we will be able to respond to your request. (When completed, don't forget to select the Submit Button at the bottom of the Quick Form)

IWe look forward to serving your Waste Processing and Recycling needs.

WasteCare Corporation