New Recycling Record Reached For Electronics

A new waste recycling rate for consumer electronics and e-waste reached a record high in 2013 almost doubling the electronics recycling amount that was set three years ago in 2010.

In the past calendar year, more than six hundred and twenty million pounds of unwanted, outdated, and unusable home and business electronics were recycled in the United States. Popular items for e-waste recycling includes computers, phones, laptops, and computer gaming systems. This is an increase in thirty five millions pounds being collected from the prior year. Recycling data in this sector is compiled by the Arlington, Virginia-based CEA: Consumer Electronics Association which has been monitoring the field for many years.

The substantial boost in recycling is in part attributed to the CEA’s eCycling Leadership Initiative, which is designed to improve collaboration between electronics manufacturers, retailers, recycling groups and businesses, non profit organizations and state and local government agencies. Companies who have increased their commitment to providing recycling opportunities and services include DIRECTV, Apple, Dell, and Best Buy.

The eCycling Leadership Initiative has established a 2016 annual goal of total amount of electronics waste recycled to reach and exceed one billion pounds.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What does your business or organization do with outdated and unwanted computers, printers, cell phones, laptops, or specialty electrons equipment? If you’re finding that a supply closet is stuff full with these items, it’s time to do some research and discover e-waste recycling opportunities in your area! In some cases, a participating merchant will offer credit on recycled goods to be applied to new merchandise, and in other cases, functional equipment can be donated to a charitable organization. If you’re looking to save some green – and free up some space – look into electronics recycling!