New Hampshire Manufacturer Fined For Hazardous Waste

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring a Hudson, New Hampshire manufacturer to pay fines and institute new hazardous waste materials policies to ensure the safety of their employees and the community it does business in.

Presstek, Inc., a manufacturer of printing equipment has agreed to the fine of over one hundred and sixteen thousand dollars and the requirement to improve its internal policies and procedures so they comply with federal and state laws including the the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Earlier in 2013, during a routine inspection, the EPA issued a complaint against Presstek that it was failing to adhere to hazardous waste emission regulations; failing to implement an acceptable personnel training program for hazardous waste; and was not maintaining an acceptable hazardous waste emergency plan.

All businesses handling hazardous waste must routinely demonstrate that their operating facilities manage such waste in an environmentally acceptable manner to prevent accidental spills and releases into the air, water or ground that could endanger the environment and human health. Manufacturing facilities that produce hazardous wastes during their normal operations must ensure that waste is properly managed, stored, and disposed of.

Since acknowledging the violations, Presstek has improved its hazardous waste emergency plan and enacted a training program that comply with regulations. The company is also implementing better monitoring systems to control air emissions from the facility.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Hazardous waste is something every business needs to take seriously. Failure to comply with your state and federal laws could result in big fines, bad publicity, and a loss of revenue. Cutting corners with hazardous waste disposal will not save you money you the long run!