Rulings Change On Recycling Fees

Two recent high court decisions in the state of Pennsylvania could have a lasting and positive impact for both residential homeowners, landlords, and businesses trying to reduce their levels of trash by increasing their output of recyclable materials.

The Commonwealth Court recently sided in favor of a waste hauler in Reading, Pennsylvania who was charged by the local court for owing past-due recycling fees. The court stated that recycling services should be self-sufficient based on the revenue generated through the re-sale of waste materials to manufacturers and other outfits, such as large-scale food waste composting, who wish to purchase them.

Currently, the state of Pennsylvania does not have a legally approved mandate in place explicitly addressing and outlining fees for recycling services provided through regional landfills. If one were to be put in place, it would need to be done through the state’s General Assembly.

In another recent Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania case, involving a different county, the court also sided with businesses and residents by affirming that the municipality named could not charge tipping or permit fees at county landfills for recycled materials brought in by those living or working in the area.

Waste Care Wants You to Remember: If your business or home is in a state that mandates no fees for recycling, you get to save twice. Once when you make the decision to recycle waste material instead of putting it in the garbage and another when you haul all that recyclable material away without charge. If your municipality is still charging fees for in-demand recyclable materials like glass, plastics, and paper, it’s time to ask some questions about where the materials are being sold and how the funds are accounted for!