Ohio Launches Restaurant Recycling Program

The capital city of Columbus, Ohio, is preparing to launch an innovative new recycling program targeting to the city’s restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and eateries. With an aim of increasing the recycling rate of glass bottles, the city hopes to better include these types of businesses in a new glass recycling program that is expected to debut in the city’s popular High Street area by the end of summer.

Calling the program Recycling on High, the business focused waste glass recycling program hope to save the city and businesses money in waste disposal and landfill fees by better capturing the one hundred and fifty tons of glass bottle that are generated each week in the High Street area.

Special recycling bins of various sizes will be provided to restaurants and the glass recyclables will be collected by the city three times each week. The collected glass will be re-used by manufacturers throughout the state and region to make new products such as food containers and insulation.

The program will run for one calendar year, and if deemed success will be extended beyond the High Street area into other neighborhoods through the city.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What is your city or town doing to involve local businesses with recycling? As the Columbus glass recycling program shows, helping business to reduce waste can also provide other businesses with valuable materials needed for manufacturing new products. Everyone saves when recycling improves!