Illinois Offers One-Stop Recycling

The Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois, will soon be offering their residents a new and improved waste recycling and hazardous materials collection center. ┬áThe new facility is designed to provide “one stop” recycling services where individuals, households, and businesses can bring anything that is recyclable including items such as batteries, light bulbs, e-waste, medical items, and traditional materials such as plastic, glass, and paper.

Naperville receive a close to nine hundred thousand dollars from the state to assist in funding the new project. The city will contribute close to three hundred thousand dollars toward the cost.

The city’s current recycling facilities were responsible for collecting and processing more than fifteen tons of traditional recyclable items, over fifty thousand gallons of recyclable liquids and nearly three hundred tons of other items considered recyclable. However, the demand for increased levels of recycling are beyond the facility’s capability, thus the reason for seeking funding for upgrades and enhancements.

The facility will be used not only by Naperville, but surrounding communities as well and is expected to impact the recycling rate of the entire county area.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Providing a “one stop” center where a wide variety of items can be recycled and safely disposed of can certainly help to boost a community’s recycling rate and provide businesses the opportunity to lower their trash disposal fees by recycling more items.