Dell Computers Aims For Waste Free

Popular computer manufacturer, Dell Inc has.recently announced that it has set a corporate goal of achieving one hundred percent waste-free packaging by the year 2020.

Currently a little more than fifty percent of Dell’s packaging comes from sustainable materials and is able to be recycled. As part of the 2020 strategic packaging ┬áplan, Dell is aiming to have all packing materials be either recyclable or compostable and made of recycled materials.

Dell hopes to achieve this by using wheat straw, a sustainable material, as a component in the cardboard boxes it uses to package laptops and computer systems. Beginning in The new boxes will contain fifteen percent straw, with the remainder of the materials coming from recycled fiber.

Using even fifteen percent straw will recent the company’s carbon footprint significantly.

In addition, the company last year cut over twenty million pounds of packing material by reducing and redesigning its packaging. Saving the company money while reducing the amount of waste generated by consumers purchasing Dell products.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When was the last time your business took at look at look at how you handling packaging? What kinds of materials are your using to ship or deliver merchandise and how much packaging are you using? There are so many alternatives that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Take a look at your options and you might finding yourself saving “green” with every order!