Recycling Asphalt On The Rise

Indicating that the construction and transportation sectors are looking to cut costs by using recycled materials, it was reported that in 2011 the highest levels to date of warm-mix asphalt had been used in the construction of new pavement for roads, driveways, and parking lot areas. Warm mix is a form of asphalt that is generated using recycled asphalt siding shingles and reclaimed pavement.

It is estimated that almost seventy million tons of recycled asphalt-based waste materials were collected in 2011 as a result of reconstruction and demolition work. The unwanted asphalt is then sold for reuse in the manufacturing of new pavement.

Another benefit of the warm-mix asphalt is that it requires less energy use to produce the same quality level of traditionally manufacture pavements. As a result, businesses save money by using it both in not needing as much in raw materials but also in the energy costs to produce it. Due to the lower production temperature, there are also less emissions that occur during the paving process. Users of the warm mix method claim the product has a high level of performance while helping to make the construction of roads and driveways a bit more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is responsible for or involved in the construction of roads, parking lots, or driveways, informing your customers about the benefits of recycled asphalt is something they may want to hear. And don’t forget! If you have unwanted or old asphalt materials, don’t pay to dispose of them before you investigate their market value!