More Recycled Plastic Used In Bottles

The Californians Against Waste consumer and environmental advocacy group recently announced that Arrowhead bottle water, manufactured by Nestle Waters, will use fifty percent of recycled PET plastic content in all bottles the company makes.

In addition, the bottle’s shape will be redesigned so that it requires fifteen percent less energy to produce. A considerable amount of the recycled plastic will be sourced regionally by CarbonLITE, a recycling facility located in Riverside, California.

Currently, the state collects close to seventy percent of plastic bottles for recycling. In recent years, in excess of two hundred million pounds of PET plastic has been collected annually and re-sold for manufacturing purposes. The state would like to see that number increase to three hundred million pounds in the coming years.

PET plastic can be recycled and reused many times without impacting quality and is the ideal substance for manufacturing high-grade beverage bottles.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Does your business or facility have designated recycling for plastic bottles? If so, are your employees recycling them or mistakenly disposing of them with the trash? PET Plastic is desirable on the recycling market so every bottle that is put in the trash costs you twice: to acquire it and then to dispose of it. Save green every month on your disposal fees when you “go green” and commit to recycling as much as you can!