North Carolina Green Building Wins Top Award

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a green building in Chapel Hill, North Carolina a top finisher in the Energy Star National Building contest. The North Carolina Area Health Education Center Building was recognized for being designed and constructed using green building practices that resulted in cutting their energy use by over thirty four percent.

The EPA’s Energy Star National Building contest this year involved over three thousand businesses, schools, and municipal building from around the country in a race to see which ones could reduce their energy and waste the most. It is estimated that all participants realized a total cost savings of more than fifty million dollars.

Energy usage for commercial buildings represent a cost of more than one hundred billion dollars each year. Building managers, facility operators, and construction and design firms have come to rely of the guidelines set out by Energy Star to not only save money on heating, cooling, water usage and waste disposal but to also to meet customer demand for environmentally friendly work spaces and buildings.

To date, close to one and a half million homes and over twenty thousand commercial buildings have attained the Energy Star designation.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re in the business of constructing or renovating residential home or commercial and industrial buildings, it pays to be aware of the Energy Star guidelines and resources. With energy costs continuing to rise, it’s a great way to help your customers save money!